About us

OVERSEE YACHTS designed the interiors of more than 30 boats in 20 years for the US, Brazilian and International market, including Yachts, Power Boats, Sailing Boats, Expedition Sailing Boats, Trawlers and others. We have worked with builders/companies and boat yards as interior consultants and designers. We develop the lay-out, make sketches and executive drawings, choose finishing materials, light distribution and color schemes.


Power Boats: Steel Yacht 119', Fiber Yacht Forza 94', Two Aluminum Yachts AT 77', Fiber Yacht Carbrasmar 58', Fiber Yacht Senna 417, Fiber Yacht Oceanic 41', Two Fiber Yachts Hanseatica 85', Fiber Boat Mar Brasil 19', Fiber Yacht Carbrasmar 48', Fiber Yacht Carbrasmar 61', Fiber Yacht DM 52’, Two Fiber Yachts Carbrasmar 50’, Fiber Yacht Forza 44' and 98', Steel 70’ Burger Yacht.

Sailing Boats: Aluminum Finot 16m, Three Fiber Bruce Farr 44', Steel 41', Aluminum Cruzeiro 46', Four Fiber Judel & Vrolijk 45', Fiber Fast 50', Aluminum Horn 105’.

Trawlers: Aluminum GFT 90’, Steel Trawler 85’, Aluminum MCP 89’, 90’, 98' and 100’, Steel Dinieper 51'

Others: Laminated Wood Catamaran 43', Steel "Escuna" 42'; Laminated 60’ Dolphin Catamaran.